Drinking without ruining your diet

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With the post-Christmas and NYE partying regrets settling in, we’ve knocked together some great cocktails to enjoy whilst watching the waistline.

Red Square Vodka Original Vodka and tonic – 74 Kcal
Vodka (25ml) 52 Kcal
Tonic (100ml) 22 Kcal
1.0 unit

Original Vodka and cranberry – 98 Kcal
Vodka (25ml) 52 Kcal
Cranberry (100ml) 46 Kcal
1.0 unit

Sloe and lemonade – 55 Kcal
Sloe (25ml) 37Kcal
Lemonade (100ml) 18 Kcal
1.0 unit

Toffee and cola – 82 Kcal
Toffee (25ml) 40Kcal
Cola (100ml) 42 Kcal
1.0 unit

Compared to…

Pint of beer – 180 calories
2.0 units

Medium glass of red wine – 126 calories
2.3 units

Now… If you had one Sloe and lemonade instead of a pint of beer once a week, for one year it would add up to an extra 6500 calories.
To break that down into food terms:

7 10” pizzas or,
8 full English breakfasts or,
35 packets of crisps or,
20 bacon sandwiches or,
21 chocolate muffins or,
97 bourbon biscuits
So what would you rather choose?

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