Ultimate NYE Party

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Hosting a NYE party for you and your mates?
Bin off the party poppers and Christmas leftovers and feast your eyes on the Ultimate NYE Party essentials.

1. Annie Mac
You might have a hard time convincing her to leave her Channel 4 slot on NYE but Annie Mac would be the one DJ to kick off 2016 in style.

2. DJ Booth
Can’t get Annie convinced? Crack out the vinyl and go old school.

3. Cocktail Bar
Setup a makeshift bar in the corner for some awesome cocktails.

Sloe My God should be the drink in hand, when the clock strikes 12.

4. Fireworks
Fireworks for when the ball drops. We’re talking full on display, not a Catherine wheel in site.

5. Vodka Jelly Shots
No explanation needed.

6. The Garden
Get the fire pit out for those inevitable sub-zero temperatures.

7. Ping Pong
For the ‘sporty’ ones, dig out that ping pong table and leave them to thrash it out!

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